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Long Island Task Utility Vehicles

MCV Motorworks Clean Vehicles, Inc., (MCV), began in January of 2007 as the offspring to Motorworks Engine Center (a popular and successful engine replacement center in Long Island, New York since 1988).

The original concept of MCV was in creating a Long Island distributorship of ZERO EMISSION electric vehicles to assist fleets in replacing their oversized, emission producing, gasoline consuming vehicles with cleaner, more practical and economical solutions.

With carbon emissions continually on the rise and dependence on foreign oil accelerating, electric vehicles represent a large part of the solution to a growing problem. Over the years of working closely with trusted customers in this emerging market, Motorworks Clean Vehicles has built an extensive range of commercial use task utility vehicles offering the latest and most advanced low speed, zero or low emission cars and trucks in the market today.1936192_146902081254_4229401_n

Knowing electric vehicles are not the answer for every customer or application, MCV has also expanded into offering the finest gasoline, hybrid & diesel task utility vehicles as well. While they may not be zero emission vehicles, our gas & diesel vehicles task utility vehicles still offer a smarter smaller vehicle & smaller engine solution to the larger highway speed models commonly used.

After years of experience & research, MCV has partnered with select manufacturers that offer vehicles specifically designed for customer needs such as limited speed, smaller vehicle foot print, special options & equipment and designed more for the task at hand than the larger gas consuming, emission making common highway speed vehicles.

MCV’s large customer base consists of many business fleets such as colleges, universities, hospital grounds, athletic departments, arenas, public utilities, facilities, buildings & grounds dept’s, municipalities, resorts, parks, airports, farms, vineyards, cemeteries and so many more low speed campus like environments.

When it comes to electric low speed vehicles, (LSV’s, NEV’s) many think of golf carts, however electric vehicle design and technical development has come a long way since the futuristic electric concept cars of the 80’s (see below). These new generation electric vehicles are here and available now! MCV is committed to offering the best low speed vehicles in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut regions.